Monday, January 16, 2012

Galleri Kronborg images and layout

The entrance door is approx 28"/70cms wide and approx 72"/180cms high.
The gallery space is approx 60"x60" / 150cmsx150cms

There is a small stone beam on the ceiling as you enter that can be used to attach things.

The inside gallery space is stone walled, easy to paint or draw on, tho difficult to attach or hang things to.

It is essential that cordless power tools are needed if hanging or attachments are required.

There is currently no power.

Also on the entrance there is a small old metal fitting that things can be attached to.

A well used walking track runs right past the entrance door and another walking track runs parallel lower down.

Around the back of the gallery space is an open area with stone seating, fire place and curved stoned steps that form a small "amphitheater". From here you look out for miles and miles on a clear day!!

The former stone chimney structure is approx 28"/70cms high, 28"/70cms wide and 12"/30cms deep. It is easy to access on the grass mound/roof of the gallery.